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Friday, 27 June 2008


  MobiLine: A Software Product Line for the Development of Mobile and Context-Sensitive Applications

This project has been developed by the partnership between the Group of Computer Networks, Software Engineering and Systems (GREat), DC/UFC and the Group of Software Reuse, COPPE/UFRJ.

The objective of this project is to investigate the characteristics that exist in the mobile context-sensitive software development to the construction of a software product line for this domain. In particular, the project takes as its focus to increase productivity and quality in the development of such software, and the application of techniques that allow reuse it systematically.This software product line will serve as support for a software engineer in all phases of the development, and enable the use and construction of reusable artifacts. 

In this sense, we propose to study traditional techniques for building software product lines, to identify the necessary extensions to meet the particular characteristics of adaptability and context awareness, required by the type of applications to be built in this domain. 

In addition to thesoftware  product line itself, we provide as additional results of the project: team qualification in techniques and emerging technologies, and practical results demonstrating the partnership between the two teams. These results will be achieved through co-authorship of relevant publications on the subject in the appropriate forum, both national (e.g., SBES, SBCARS, SBCUP) and international (e.g., DSPL, UbiComp, SPLC), and possible co-orientations of  graduate students.

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